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Aggiunto da il 2021-01-23

The Deep State Agenda & The Capitol Protests – MUST SEE New David Icke Interview!

by James Red Pills America

Published January 16, 2021

This is the Latest MUST SEE interview with David Icke where he Deep Dives into the realities of the TRUE Agenda of the Deep State and how the Capitol protests are a part of the whole plan. Some of this you, perhaps, already knew, but the rest of it…? Well, that’s a whole other story. In order for us to walk through the takedown about to happen people need to be exposed to the evil and agenda planned against us. In order for us to go through the biblical changes about to happen, we need to see the EVIL. The kind of evil we let take a run at our freedom for decades while we got distracted with social media, sports, TV, movies and working. We fell asleep at the wheel and let corruption run-a-muck for decade after decade after decade. It’s time to wake up so we can cross the finish line. The best is yet to come!